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Based on the recognition and protection of famous trademark of zhejiang province byelaw "regulation, the review by the zhejiang province famous trademark review and adjudication board, my company's" always on "word mark by the zhejiang province administration for industry and commerce continue as famous trademark of zhejiang province.It is reported that the "yongshang" trademark was first recognized as a famous trademark in zhejiang province in 2005. This is the third consecutive time that the trademark of "yongshang" trademark has been confirmed by the administrative bureau of industry and commerce of zhejiang province.This extension is valid for three years (1 January 2011 solstice December 31, 2013)


In the fierce market competition, our company attaches great importance to the brand construction of the enterprise, and in the implementation of brand strategy, the improvement of product quality and the supervision and management of the product quality;Spend money on brand promotion;Strictly anti-counterfeiting and strict trademark management in the use of brands;In quality management, good quality system certification.

This is another result of the company's brand building.It not only marks a "permanent registration" stainless steel seamless pipe in the production of stainless steel pipe industry in zhejiang province, sales, profits, market share and other economic indicators in a leading position, is also a permanent brand on the relevant public has set a very high visibility and reputation of honorary 

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