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Recently, at the scene of the province pledges inspect bureau accreditation commission co-chaired stainless steel product quality inspection center of zhejiang province for two days to expansion review on-site inspection, the center 7 expansion project (parameters) smoothly passed the assessment.

The provincial stainless steel product quality testing center was settled in longwan district, wenzhou city in 2003, and its construction was listed as one of the important work of the year in 2009 by district committee and district government.Investment of 4 million yuan in recent years, the center of the funds to acquire the expansion of the laboratory and equipment, on the basis of the original testing project, increase the ultrasonic testing, eddy current flaw detection, welding and other projects, to gradually perfect the public service platform construction.At present, the testing project has covered the demand of two pillar industries, such as the valve and stainless steel in the bay area, providing technical guarantee for the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure in longwan.

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