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 In eternity, quality is not just a test of the final process of the production process but throughout the process. We are implementing a set of quality control and assurance systems. Each batch of pipe is sampled, cross-section, test, test, retention record as the final product quality assurance. Whether it is a semi-finished product or a finished product, each test is carried out at the testing center, ensuring a good environment for the whole process.

 We know that product quality is the life of an enterprise. We emphasize the importance of product quality to sales. That's why our clients are always willing to cooperate with us.

 Company internal carry forward enterprise culture, strengthen quality management, external to convey the spirit of enterprise, in order to guarantee the quality of paint, on the facility has a perfect testing equipment, product management mainly include photoelectric spectrometer, material testing machine, fuzzy temperature controller and other advanced equipment and hydraulic testing machine, eddy current flaw detection, ultrasonic flaw detection line, X-ray flaw detection and hardness tester.


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