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Zhejiang yongshang special materials co., LTD. Has been committed to the construction of stainless steel industry and dedicated to providing quality service for customers' regional and national supply chain management. At present in the national areas with Beijing, tianjin, hubei, liaoning, yunnan, guangdong, jiangsu, jilin, heilongjiang, such as dozens of branches and offices, basically formed a nationwide sales network platform, can at any time through our strong network resources, the customer needed services extends to every place of the whole country.

Ministry of domestic trade                                                                                                                          fax:0577—86925800 86077829

The sales manager

Huang Jianfeng

The phone:0577-86933050

A manager

Ding Guangjian

The phone:0577-86933052

Northeast area: responsible for shanxi, Beijing, tianjin, hebei, heilongjiang, jilin, liaoning, Inner Mongolia.

The second manager


The phone:0577-86923977

East China region: responsible for zhejiang, jiangsu, Shanghai, anwei, shandong, henan.

Three manager

Huang Jiandi

The phone:0577-86933053

Southwest region: responsible for ningxia, chongqing, gansu, xinjiang, yunnan, guizhou, sichuan, shaanxi, qinghai, Tibet.

Four manager


The phone:0577-86933057

South China area: responsible for hunan, hubei, jiangxi, guangdong, guangxi, fujian, hainan.

Sales and development manager


The phone:0577-86922557

After adjusting for sales personnel, the company in the future sales contract by quoting the above personnel and the company's main leadership to be responsible for, other researchers offer shall be invalid, the company shall not be admitted.

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